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I started acting school because I was bankrupt: Anupam Kher

After years of success, hit films and major grossers at the box office, Anupam Kher made a startling revelation when he said on Friday, that he had set up his acting school ‘Actor Prepares’ as he was bankrupt, nearly 11 years ago.

Shedding light on the importance of the acting institute, Anupam appealed to the Malaysian government to establish an institute for acting on their own. “I was failed in all other aspects of filmmaking and was completely bankrupt because my dreams were higher than realities. So, I started my acting school in a small room with 12 students to prepare future actors and actresses. I will request Malaysian government also to build an acting school here as it will help to produce a profession,” Kher said. The actor was speaking on IIFA 2015’s inaugural session of ‘Business Forum.’

On the occasion, Kher also showered praise on Indian Premier Narendra Modi for supporting the Indian film industry and taking it to the global level. “India is a young country and entertainment was the last in the priority list of our previous government. The business of Indian cinema is no way looking back. I have full faith in Modi ji and thanks to his many visits that people look at Indian cinema with respect,” he stated.

Anupam also shed light on the recent rise of Bollywood on the international scene and stated that he was happy that the Indian cinema industry had expanded. “Our cinema has evolved in last 60 years because we have made people happy through our films. The main purpose of our storyline is to spread happiness. Our cinema has an emotional connect.”

Anupam Kher has starred in a brief, yet important role as the doctor of Bradley Cooper’s character in Academy Award nominated film Silver Linings Playbook. Over a course of 31 years in the Indian film industry, Anupam Kher is identified as a senior and stellar actor



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