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I tried to match Shah Rukh Khan. I couldn’t, but I tried to make it better- Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan has been in the news and attracted fascination not only from Pakistan but as well as India. The Pakistani VJ-turned-actress opened about the filming experience with none other than Bollywood’s undisputed ‘King’ Khan.

Mahira revealed that she was like a sponge and grasped every opportunity to just soak up every detail.

“I don’t know how people will take to me over there (Bollywood). But it was a very different experience. I went there like a sponge. I was just taking it all in. I didn’t want to step in on anybody’s toes. Because here, I’m very nosy. I’m in everybody’s space and job. And everyone warned me not to do this there. So I just sat, listened to them. I tried to match Mr Khan. I couldn’t, but I tried to make it better.”

Mahira also revealed that she had learned a great deal from Shah Rukh Khan and realized that only when was shooting for a song back home. “I got to learn so much from Mr Shah Rukh Khan, like actually got to learn from him. I realized this when I came back. I came back and I shot for a song in Ho Mann Jahaan and my director was like, ‘What has happened to you’. He actually said that ‘you’ve shed a layer. You’ve grown as an actor.”

Mahira Khan’s two films Bin Roye and Ho Mann Jahaan. Her highly anticipated flick Raees with Shah Rukh Khan will hit the theaters next year. Regarding the love she had received from the crew and team in India, this is what Mahira had to say:-

“The people were very kind and the crew was amazing. The crew was rooting for me. Even when I couldn’t get a dialogue right or a dance step right I could see them encouraging me. It was really nice. That’s what happened here (in Pakistan). I thought I’ll miss it there.”

It’s nice to know that more and more Pakistani artists are making a name for themselves in the Indian film industry. Not only that, the valuable experiences and acting traits learned from industry greats such as Shah Rukh Khan, could help revitalize and provide resurgence for Pakistan’s own film industry.



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