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I will shoot myself if a single video is proven fake: Asim Malik

The owner of Future Concern Asim Malik said that he believes that the cause of all his problems was his wife’s refusal to join PML-N.

Due to the extent of cases against him and his absence, more and more of his customers turned against him and the pile increased. As a result, his offices were sealed and some of his staff including two girls were arrested.

“My assistant was tortured to death”, revealed the Future Concern owner.

He lamented that all his business credibility that he built in 17 years was ruined by the political revenge.


He said, he presented the video he made (released on ARY then) to Rana Mashhood and told him to revert every action he did against him otherwise he will reveal everything about the PML-N’s dirty politics.

Mashhood took two days to get over the situation and a police source told me the other day that 32 policemen are coming up to stage my fake encounter, he said.

He said all his staff and family were living at different places that time.

In a strange revelation, Malik told Mubasher Lucman that some office staff was arrested by Punjab Police personnel  wearing ISI cards, thus defaming the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan.

He claimed that some media personnel also asked him for bribes while Jang group ran a fake story against him by accepting hush money from somewhere else.

In the end, Asim Malik promised Mubasher to provide more videos as he used to record every conversation at his office.



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