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‘I would like to spy on Narendra Modi’

Vidya Balan visited Hyderabad, the city where she shot her upcoming film Bobby Jasoos, to promote the film. As a star, Vidya not only takes her role very seriously, but is also unabashed about promoting her films. She landed at the Hyderabad airport and announced in complete Hyderabadi style, “Bobby ke sheher mein aap ka swagat hai.”

While she never refused a single person for an autograph, she would not spare anybody till she told them, “Bobby Jasoos dekhiyega 4 July Ko”.

Over a conversation, she spoke to leading daily about misleading people with her special disguises while shooting, the three men she wants to do jasoosi on and why the dawn of December 14, 2013 at Charminar will always remain special in her life.


Any special memories while shooting Bobby Jasoos in Hyderabad?
I was shooting on December 14th that was also our first wedding anniversary and Sidharth (Roy Kapur) came to Hyderabad for us to be together. Sharp at 12 O’clock, in Cinderalla style I disappeared as I was shooting at the Charminar from 1 in the morning, Sidharth was with me through the shoot that day and together we waited for the magic light to come on (dawn to break). It was beautiful. Of course, post sunrise the word spread around and people started coming down to see us.

You told us how no one recognised you as a beggar outside Nampally station. Were there other times when you went unidentified due to your disguise?
I was disguised as a maulvi outside Kacheguda and everyone had been informed that I would be shooting there. Even though I was right there, people kept asking me, ‘Achcha toh kabhi aari hai Vidya Balan? Kabse bol rahe hai aa rahi hai.’ Another time, there were junior artistes on the set. I was in the jyotishi disguise and the hair-dresser told them that I was a theatre artiste who was Dia Mirza’s friend and so, they have given me one day’s role in the film. The whole day they shot with me, without knowing that actually I was the maulvi.

What do you think is the psychology of a detective?
Before starting to shoot, I had called a lot of detectives to see how they respond to calls and talk to people and I figured that they have a basic mistrust and don’t take people on face value. Many a times, housewives have taken up this profession and they pride themselves on the fact that they can get stories out of people and have sharp instincts where they know who is fibbing and who is not.

Given a chance, who would you like to do jasoosi on?
I am essentially a trusting person and invariably I get to know things much later after they have happened, but given a chance, I want to do jasoosi on three people.

1) George Clooney: I want to see what happens behind closed doors. I love George Clooney and I think he is only getting better and sexier with age. I want to know what makes him fall for a woman. What is it about his current woman Amal Alamuddin that attracts him?

2) Narendra Modi: I have never met him, but he has inspired hope in all of us. It would be interesting to know what is it that makes him him. His is such a fascinating journey coming from such a modest background to becoming our Prime Minister.

3) Amitabh Bachchan: He has this impenetrable aura of mystery even though we all know him so well. I want to know little things about him, for instance what does he do in his own room? How is it that he finds time for everything? How much does he sleep? What does he eat, what does he read as he is so articulate, how does he enjoy himself, how does he just let his hair down? He looks like he will never put his feet up and sit but does he do that? He is so calm. Does he sleep seedha or ulta? I believe he is very particular about how things are kept and organised where if a remote is kept tedha, he will go and straighten it. I want to know, does he really do that? He always has a sense of equanimity about him. What does he laugh on? We know how he gets angry in films, but in real life nothing seems to affect him. I want to know how he reacts when he is angry in real life.



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