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I would never perform in an item song or shoot bold scenes: Sajal Ali

Speaking to a local news agency, Sajal Ali stated that according to her, there was no need to work in Bollywood films since Pakistani film industry was undergoing a revival stage.

“The quality of Pakistani films and movies are improving day by day. I don’t think there’s any urgent need to act in Bollywood films. If I get a good role in a local film, I would readily do it,” she said. “It’s nice to see that finally, Pakistanis are frequenting their cinemas. ”

The Pakistani actress, however, could not understand why when a local artist returned from working in India, he was placedĀ in an altogether different league.

“I cannot understand why when a local artist returns home to Pakistan after working in Bollywood, he is considered as separate from others. This is a reality,” she said.

Sajal also stated that everywhere she went, people were thrilled to see her and wanted to take selfies and photographs of themselves, their families with her.

“For an artist, to receive that much love, affection and adulation from the people. That is what I call a real award,” said Sajal.

Sajal was not entirely critical of Bollywood films and stated that Indian actresses dress according to their culture and also perform bold scenes in flicks.

“I would never perform item songs or shoot bold scenes for movies. This is due to the fact that I am personally not in favour of doing such things and would never do anything which hurts the sentiments of my well-wishers.”

Sajal was also praise for the adulation and respect that Pakistani dramas were receiving in India.

“Pakistani dramas are watched eagerly by the masses in India. Our work is appreciated by people in India as well and they provide us with positive feedback through social media, for which I am truly grateful.”



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