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ICC chief positive about future prospect of cricket events in Pakistan

LAHORE: Chief Executive Officer of the International Cricket Council (ICC) David Richardson on Wednesday spoke about the bright future prospect of world cricketing events in Pakistan after the international cricket body has expressed satisfaction over the security situation in the country, ARY News reported.

“We strongly believe that this (hosting of World XI team) would be a step forward towards building the confidence of the sporting community,” he said addressing a press conference along Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Najam Sethi in Lahore.

He thanked the PCB for holding three-match series, titled Independence Cup, in a bid to revive cricket in the cricket starved country.

The world cricket family was doing the best to revive cricket in the member country, he said acknowledging that Pakistan had also done tremendous efforts to bring the security threat down.

“I am sure in a couple of years of times we are going to talk about holding ICC events in Pakistan. Certainly, we would like to bring more and more cricket matches to Pakistan, but first of all our focus is on holding more PSL matches in the country,” he said.

The ICC chief conceded that security was “unfortunately an issue across the world for all the sports.”

Najam Sethi said there was murmuring in media about a Test match with South Africa, it would be fantastic if it materialized, he added.

“It is great achievement that five of the players in World XI are from South Africa. We are keen to show the world that we are a peace-loving country.

“Those who are not sincere in playing with us are mostly politically driven. It would be entirely their loss,” he said apparently pointing towards India’s disagreeable behavior towards playing with Pakistan despite much convincing.

Calling the Independence Cup an ice-breaking event, he lauded Richardson’s role in bringing back cricket to Pakistan.



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