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i-Champ: Telenor Pakistan empowering digital generation

Technology advancements are bringing people closer in an unprecedented manner and shrinking the digital divide, amid challenges of accessibility to all. But Pakistan’s one of the leading mobile service providers is continuing with an initiative never taken before.

Telenor is spearheading a knowledge-based campaign, aims towards sensitizing the masses on the use of mobile internet.

Telenor has always been at the forefront of digital innovations, which truly add value to our society, Telenor i-Champ being yet again such an initiative.

The i-Champ has been a well thought out program that aims to equip Pakistani children with the basic use of internet to help them learn more and beyond.

In a recent digital video message, Irfan Wahab Khan CEO of Telenor Pakistan spoke about their recent collaboration with Free Basics by Facebook to create Telenor i-Champ.


Mr. Khan spoke about data being a responsibility that should be an enabling factor for the growing youth of Pakistan to help them progress and become what they want.

The concept of Telenor i-Champ has been deep rooted into creating a progressive society; a society that is well aware, educated and has access to knowledge that can help them better their lives and progress to greater levels in life.

Telenor’s 4G capabilities and Free Basics by Facebook’s information portal has opened up a whole new era of possibilities for Pakistani children – an era which provides them access to everything that they seek and the empowerment to create the path to their ambitions.

Telenor has always envisioned and worked towards an empowered society, and now with Telenor i-Champ, it has taken one step further in that direction by empowering Pakistani students through their data solutions and Free Basics by Facebook.

With limited to bare minimum education opportunities available for Pakistani students, Telenor has opened up a new channel of learning through Telenor i-Champ in collaboration with Free Basics by Facebook – this means that Pakistani children can have a greater chance of learning through easy access to the knowledge bank available through Free Basics by Facebook.


Telenor teams went far and wide across hundreds of schools all across Pakistan teaching children to make the most of the power of data available to them today. School drives were created to be interactive and learning based to help these children grasp the basic usage of mobile learning.

All of these efforts resulted in reaching out to and training 630,000 students from 1,800 schools on the basic use of internet and Free Basics.

Each year, Telenor i-Champ received resounding success as it was well received by students, teachers and parents, which extended our motivations and brought us close to our vision of a digital Pakistan.

Last year, Telenor collaborated with Free Basics by Facebook which is an online information portal with 17 websites that can be used for free on Telenor’s data connection.

The collaboration between Telenor and Free Basics gave all the more strength to the program as it combined an information bank with access provided by Telenor 4G to learn and grow effectively and efficiently without any additional costs.

In 2014, Telenor i-Champ set out to change that with a vision of exposing Pakistani students with the power of mobile data, and how it can aid them in achieving all that they want.

Since 2014, every year Telenor i-Champ headed out to hundreds of schools all across Pakistan, teaching and training Pakistani students on how they can use mobile technology to advance their learning skills above and beyond.




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