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Iconic Nokia phone ‘3310’ set to make a comeback

The iconic cell phone of Nokia ‘3310’ is tipped to be re-launched after its existence faded out in the wake smart-phone revolution.

The phone, originally released in 2000 and in many ways beginning the modern age of mobiles, will be sold as a way of getting lots of battery life in a nearly indestructible body.

“The new incarnation of the old 3310 will be sold for just €59 or about $64, and so likely be pitched as a reliable second phone to people who fondly remember it the first time around.”

It will be revealed at Mobile World Congress later this month, according to leaker Evan Blass who first revealed the details.

Indestructible 3310



The 3310 was the epitome of the cellphone in the early 2000s, ushering in the era of colour-screen smartphones with Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

The device was a basic cellphone that was able to send and receive SMSs and make and receive calls.

Nokia 3310 featured mobile games such as the much-loved Snake and Space Impact.


The new 3310, according to reports


new details

While other reports say that HMD Global, the Finnish company that owns the rights to use Nokia’s brand name on phones and tablets, was planning to launch four new devices along with 3310. VentureBeat’s Evan Blass says the handset manufacturer will likely to launch two Android 7.0 Nougat devices – the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3, as well as the global version of the Nokia 6.

It’s still possible to buy the 3310 on Amazon, though only through its marketplace and not directly from the company itself. The Amazon listing describes a range of features, including a clock, calculator, the ability to store up to ten reminders and four games: Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi.


The Nokia 5, said to be priced at €199 (£168), will be a step down in terms of specs, the report says, with 5.2-inch, 720p display, 2GB RAM and 12-megapixel camera.

Finally, the Nokia 5 will be Nokia’s entry-level offering with an attractive €149 (£126) price point.

Nokia struggled to bring its brand into the smartphone era and ended up being sold to Microsoft. But since then it has targeted success by making new versions of old phones.

Other cellphones to be re-launched by Nokia






WATCH: Here’s how new 3310 will look like




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