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This iconic Windows wallpaper has got a sequel after 21 years

If you have been a computer user, there are high chances of you remembering an iconic Bliss’ wallpaper in the Windows. Yes, the same picture with lush green grass and a shining clear sky with patches of cloud.

The photograph, which was clicked by Chuck O’Rear, remained the default wallpaper for 16 years in different iterations of the operating system.  Now, 21 years after he shot the picture, O’Rear has created three new next-generation wallpapers for Lufthansa as a sequel to the ‘Bliss’ photo.

Microsoft Windows Bliss wallpaper

Scroll down to see how this ‘Bliss’ wallpaper location looks like now 🙂

The project, New Angles of America, is specifically directed towards smartphone users. In the video, O’Rear described how capturing the picture was a life-changing experience for him.

Using a medium format camera, he took the picture in 1996 in Sonoma County, California while he was on his way to meet his girlfriend. O’Rear was driving from Sonoma County through Napa on his way to Marin County where he took the shot.

Interestingly, his picture was sent to Corbis, an advertising and licensing agency, before the photo rights were purchased by Microsoft in 2000, a year before the launch of Windows XP.


Here are his latest three shots as sequel to the Bliss:

1- White Pocket (Arizona)

Bliss sequel White Pocket


2- Maroon Bells (Colorado)

Maroon Bells windows


3- Peek-a-Boo Slot (Utah)

Peek-A-Boo Slot (Utah)



The ‘Bliss’ wallpaper location, then and now:

Bliss Wallpaper


Bliss Wallpaper now


Bliss then and now
Picture via AtlasObscura


Bliss then and now
Picture via AtlasObscura



Bliss wallpaper then now
Picture taken in July 2017



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