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If court issues order for my arrest, I will not apply for bail: Imran Khan

During his talk, chairman of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf party said that a case of terrorism had been filed against his workers who had taken part in┬áthe party’s dharna or sit-in protest. Imran also said that if the court ordered for him to be arrested, he would not file a bail request since he had not committed any crime.

“Our workers are attending hearings in these cases for the past twenty months,” he said. “These peaceful workers have been charged with terrorism, when they were merely exercising their democratic right to protest. What act of terrorism did they commit?” he asked.

Khan also said that as many as twenty-two political parties had claimed that rigging had taken place in the General Elections 2013. Hence, his party’s workers had the right to protest against rigging allegations.

Imran also said that peaceful demonstrations around the world, especially in European countries, were a norm since everyone has the right to take to the streets and register their protests in a peaceful way.

“In European countries where there is genuine democracy, everyone protests peacefully. Whether they be farmers or labourers, everyone takes to the streets because they know they have the right to protest peacefully,” he said.

Imran appealed to the judge to stop this injustice against the poor people who took part in the dharna protest. He also said that these people were the heroes of democracy since they had taken out valuable time to protest for their rights.

“In India, Australia and New Zealand, investigations have begun to probe the Panama Papers’ controversy. However, our justice system can’t properly investigate this controversy,” lamented Imran. “No one calls the elite to account in this country, who mint billions abroad and defraud tax authorities.”



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