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If PTI heads over to Raiwind, N-league workers are also ready: Abid Sher Ali

Speaking to media personnel during an event, Abid Sher Ali lashed out at PTI chief Imran Khan and warned him against protesting at Raiwind House.

“Imran Khan should first provide the nation with an account of the three million dollars of profit made from Zakat money,” he said. “He should clarify whether he bought his Bani Gala house from that profit?”

Abid also said that Imran was uncomfortable and pained due to the fact that China had invested $46 million for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. Due to this investment and the jobs it would induce, PML-N would also be victorious in elections 2018, claimed Abid Sher Ali.

Abid Sher Ali Blast On Imran Khan by arynews
Speaking on the issue of water, the federal minister said that since dams had not been constructed, a large amount of water was going to waste in the sea and not being stored.
“Kalabagh dam project and other dams should be constructed through consensus,” he said.

Abid Sher Ali also informed media personnel that the decision to close business centres by eight pm was also under discussion. If traders and businessmen refused to abide by this law then a separate meter would be established and a bill two or three times more expensive would be charged from them.

Abid also lashed out at Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed and said:-
“Our media likes to invite a person who people won’t even invite to their house for food,” he said. “Sheikh Rasheed was close with Musharraf until 2008. Why didn’t he hold Nawaz Sharif accountable during his tenure?”



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