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If someone tells me that he is more patriotic than me, then he is stupid: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, the two reigning Khans of Bollywood, were caught in controversy last month when they expressed concern at the rampant intolerance in India. While Shah Rukh had expressed alarm at the incidences of violence towards Muslims and other minorities, Aamir had revealed that his wife had suggested they both move out of the country. As a result, the reaction from hardliners was harsh, with some calling Shah Rukh a ‘Pakistani agent’ and others dubbing him as a snake.
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Recently, the actor was spoke about these issues and said that one should move forward, rather than differentiate on basis of gender or cast.
“I really don’t know anything about this. I speak straight-forward, clear-cut and good things whenever I speak. And I feel I need not prove myself secular. The logic is that if we want to move forward, we should not keep such things in our mind like sex differentiation, whether the person is fair or dark, which religion the person belongs to, which region the person hails from or which caste the person belongs to.”

Shah Rukh further said that he had decided not to speak about the issue in the future and would only focus on talking about films.
“I have decided, I will discuss serious topics on a platform where I would be invited. But that is very rare. In most of the cases, people don’t invite me for discussion on serious topics. But it is not required to discuss such topics during film promotions and birthdays. I think it is better that actors on acting platform should talk about acting and films only,” added the Dilwale actor.

When asked how he felt about being labeled unpatriotic, Shah Rukh said that it seemed stupid to him that someone would claim to be more patriotic than him.
“If someone tells me that he is more patriotic than me, then he is stupid. From which angle can someone justify himself to be more patriotic? There is no logic behind that. We suddenly start shouting that I am more patriotic than you. Actually, we all are patriotic.”

Before finishing off, Shah Rukh also heaped praise on the Modi-government, saying it was good development-wise.
“I think the developmental clause of his governance is fantastic. I am all for modernity and development. And it will be fantastic if he takes it up and makes it for the whole country,” he said.



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