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If we work hard, a time will come when India will start following us: Sangeeta

According to a local report, Sangeeta said these words at a press conference in Lahore. Sangeeta was all praise for Pakistani cinema and said that she had received lucrative offers at one point in time, but had refused because she understood mentality of Indians.

Sangeeta also said that those who were aspiring to go to Bollywood or into co-production should learn a lesson or two from the treatment given to Indian actor Aamir Khan.

“Mahesh Bhatt offered me to direct a film in India. In the past, even Raj Kapoor had offered me to work in Prem Rog. But I refused on both occasions because I am aware of their mentality,” she said. Sangeeta also mentioned a couple of movies and said that they fared well at the box office when pitted against Bollywood flicks.

“Our honour is associated with Pakistan’s well-being. There is no shortage of talent here. We saw that films that were made in Karachi did really well in the presence of Indian films on the box office,” she said. “If we work hard, a time will come when India will start following us. Films such as Wrong Number, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Na Maloom Afraad  all did really well,” she continued.

Sangeeta was speaking at Evernew Studio and was flanked by her co-stars Danish Taimoor, Mathira, Lucky Ali and others. She announced that the shoot for her upcoming film Tum Hi To Ho would conclude by January. Sangeeta divulged a little into the details of Tum Hi Ho and said:-

“The storyline revolves around the issues of college girls and I hope that people like it,” she said. “The film is soaked in the gist of my own life experiences, she further added.

Danish Taimoor
Danish Taimoor and Mathira will star in the movie

The film director does have a point or two, given the fact that most recently Indian political entity Shiv Sena announced a reward of Rs 100,000 per slap for anyone who would slap Aamir Khan. This announcement was made after Aamir had revealed that his wife Kiran had suggested the couple move out of India, owing to growing intolerance.
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