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IG Sindh should disclose those responsible for killing policemen: PSP leader

ISLAMABAD: Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Anees Ahmed advocate on Tuesday said that Sindh Inspector General A.D. Khawaja should have taken one step further and disclosed the names of those allegedly responsible in the killings of policemen who have been elected to parliament.

Anees advocate while speaking during ARY News Program Powerplay hosted by Arshad Sharif said that the IG Sindh has ignited a debate and now it was her responsibility to publically call out those who were involved in such activities.

“I fail to understand his statement. The IG should have the courage to identify those who were responsible in criminal activities, and killing of policemen, and now sitting in provincial assemblies, national assembly and the senate” he said. “This has ignited a debate so he should clarify his statement and pinpoint those responsible.”

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Anees Ahmed said that the IG Sindh was a competent and hard-working police officer and it was his responsibility to eradicate political interference from the police department.

When asked about the ongoing operation in Karachi, Anees Ahmed said that there is no doubt that the Rangers have played a pivotal role to restore peace and improve law and order in the city, but it had not been sufficient to lift the cloud of fear and uncertainty in the city.

He credited the PSP under the leadership of Mustafa Kamal and Anees Qaimkhani for lifting the cloud of fear from the residents of the city. However, he regretted that several high-profile cases were not taken to their logical conclusion.

The IG had made the startling statement that those policemen who had participated in the operation in the 1990s were subsequently killed and their alleged killers rather than being arrested were sitting in the auspicious parliament.

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