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Scuffles among activists overshadow Imran’s visit to Karachi

Imran Khan led the PTI election rally from Civic Centre for the PTI candidate Imran Ismail who is contesting by-election in NA-246 against MQM candidate Kanwar Naveed.

Rally is moving from Civic centre to Jinnah Ground


Chairman Imran Khan PTI talking to media
Reham Khan Joined the PTI Rally in NA246

The rally while passed through various localities of NA-246 constituency and Jinnah Ground. Karachi’s NA-246 is considered the stronghold of rival Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

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The law enforcement agencies adopted stringent measures for the security of the PTI election rally led by Imran Khan. The authorities have deployed one thousand policemen across Jinnah Ground.

Shahrah-e-Pakistan has also been closed for traffic and the shops and markets on the route of the procession have also been closed.

Imran Khan yesterday talking to media in Karachi said that the purpose of his visit to Karachi was to end the atmosphere of fear so that people could freely exercise their right to elect.

PTI and MQM workers clash at Jinnah Ground

Thronged by supporters, PTI chairman Imran Khan visited Jinnah Ground, to boost his party’s candidate Imran Ismail’s chances of securing NA-246.

Scores of MQM supporters were there to witness the spectacle beforehand and welcome the PTI rally, as part of Altaf Hussain’s instructions from the previous day. However, as Khan neared the venue, a clash erupted between supporters and activists of both parties. Blows were exchanged with fists and sticks as a few workers were seen to be injured and bloodied by the conflict.

After a brief stay at the venue, Imran Khan left Jinnah Ground on account of the brief clash with his rally. Speaking to media personnel, MQM representative Dr.Farooq Sattar said that his party workers had been present to welcome PTI as per party chief Altaf Hussain’s instructions.

MQM representative Dr.Farooq Sattar talking to media

“PTI did not reciprocate our warm gesture and left without letting us host them graciously,” he said. Sattar further added that Imran Khan offered prayers for the martyrs at Jinnah ground from within the confines of his vehicle.

Jahangir Tarin also commented on the confrontation between the two contending parties, saying that such a conflict was pre planned by MQM.

“First Altaf Hussain welcomes us and then his party workers attack us without cause,” Tarin commented.

Imran Khan has currently left Jinnah Ground and has arrived in Karimabad.

Imran Khan’s speech at Karimabad

Chairman PTI Imran Khan addressed his workers upon reaching Karimabad. Flanked by Imran Ismail and Ali Zaidi, Khan congratulated his workers and party supporters for an impressive show. He also took the opportunity to thank Rabita Committee for according his party workers a warm welcome.


“I’d like to offer my thanks to Rabita Committee for welcoming us at Jinnah Ground,” he said to his supporters. “Prepare yourselves, 2015 is going to be the election year!” Imran shouted to his cheering supporters.

Though he had thanked MQM for the welcome, Imran also questioned the conflict that arose when he reached Jinnah Ground.

“Altaf welcomes us on one hand and on the other, his party workers attack us with sticks,” he said. “Jinnah Ground will not be a suitable venue for our gathering due to its short size. We need to find a larger space for our political gathering on 19th April,” he stated.

Imran also thanked his wife Reham Khan for traveling with him to Karachi and said that it showed that not only youngsters and old people but women were also determined to create a Naya Pakistan.

Imran reaches Nazia Rabbani’s house in Karachi

PTI chairman Imran Khan, with his wife Reham Khan, has arrived at the house of PTI women’s wing President Nazia Rabbani after addressing his workers at Karimabad. Arrangements for lunch had been made but Imran and his wife left without eating. The PTI rally is now heading towards Water Pump, led by Imran Khan.

Tense situation as PTI, MQM workers face to face again

Political activists from both political parties have gathered at Karimabad and are chanting slogans in favor of their respective parties. In order to contain the situation, police have called in reinforcements to prevent any conflict from taking place.

MQM and PTI workers clash in Karimabad

Imran Khan has left for the airport along with wife Reham Khan. In order to calm the tense situation down at Karimabad, police have also acquired water cannons to disperse the crowd, if anything untoward happens.

Imran Khan had arrived in Karachi to campaign for PTI’s candidate for NA-246 Imran Ismail. Earlier in the day, workers of both political parties clashed at Jinnah Ground where Imran had reached to offer prayers at the martyrs memorial.

Imran Khan arrives at airport with wife Reham Khan and senior PTI leaders

PTI chief Imran Khan has arrived at Jinnah International Airport, after leading a political rally in Karachi and a brief stay at Nazia Rabbani’s house. A large number of PTI supporters have gathered at the airport to see off Imran, who will first conduct a press conference at the airport. Khan reached the airport amid tight security and in the company of senior PTI members, including Imran Ismail, Ali Zaidi and Jahangir Tarin.

Arrangements are being made for Imran’s press conference which is going to be held soon.





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