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‘Any illegal appointment is corruption’: NAB    

KARACHI: Refusing criticism against the detention of Director Archeology Dr Abdul Samad, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) said that any illegal appointment of any pay-scale is corruption and cannot be overlooked as per law.

The anti-corruption watchdog said in a statement that the campaigners wanted to hinder the NAB’s efforts to bring culprits to justice.

 “Dr Abdul Samad has not only made several illegal appointments but also involved in misappropriation of antiques, sculptures and other valuables of antiquity, which is being investigated by a team of highly qualified experts associated with the NAB”, reads the statement.

NAB said that the accused remained overall in-charge of the Archeology Department for the last five years and added that that during course of investigations, it surfaced that some of the antiques worth billions of dollars in museums were either missing or not as per description available in record.

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“The accused has committed gross violation of laws in issuing NOCs of important archeological sites causing serious damage to national heritage. Similarly, the accused is allegedly involved in another case of corruption at Heritage Trail being investigated by the NAB. The initial cost of the project was Rs200 million which was drastically increased to Rs714 million with ulterior motives,” the anti-corruption watchdog added.



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