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Man dies during illegal lung transplant; FIA arrests doctor

LAHORE: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday apprehended a gang involved in killing a citizen while illegally performing a lung transplant surgery on him, ARY NEWS reported.

The federal agency apprehended a doctor involved in performing the lung transplant, two of his assistants and an agent.

The agent and doctor sold out the lung of the donor in Rs3.6 million, said the FIA further detailing that the donor died during the operation and they dumped his body near Jinnah Hospital after taking out the organ.

The mother of the victim said that a person named Dr Ali performed the transplant surgery and she received Rs 3.6 million in return from him.

“The operation performed at a private hospital in Rawalpindi remained unsuccessful, resulting in the death of my son,” she said.

On February 18, Umer Sharif’s daughter, Hira Umer had passed away in Lahore.

Hira had been having kidney issues for a while and was admitted to a private hospital in Lahore. She was reportedly very close to her father, Umer Sharif.

Hira departed from this world while Umer Sharif was on a three-month tour of the United States.

Jawad Umar, son of Umar Sharif, had lodged a complaint with FIA citing that Dr Fawad had charged Rs3.4 million for the kidney transplant and took his sister to an undisclosed place in AJK where she developed serious complications a week after the surgery and died.

The name of transplant surgeon Dr Fawad Mumtaz, who performed the surgery of renowned comedian Umar Sharif’s daughter, has been placed on the Exit Control List (ECL) on the recommendation of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).



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