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I’m heading towards Islamabad to demand resignation from PM: Imran Khan

While addressing to PTI workers in front of Punjab Assembly, Imran Khan alleging Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) for rigging in general election 2013 said “the match of election 2013 was fixed”, adding people’s mandate was robbed in the elections.

“Which constitution allows a political party to form government after doing rigging in the elections”, he questioned.

Chairman PTI said that conducting long march is their constitutional right. He claimed that every political party agreeing that elections were full of rigging.

Imran Khan said he keeps all his money in Pakistan under his ownership unlike others who have transferred their money to foreign bank accounts under the ownership of their children.

Reminding PM Nawaz of his promise about breaking of begging bowl before taking charge of the government, Imran Khan said that record amount of loan have been taken during Nawaz’s governance up till now.

“Economic Development can only possible if rulers led simple life, pay taxes and bring the entire looted money to Pakistan”, Khan suggested to PM Nawaz.

Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan promised he will keep all his money in the country and can sacrifice his life but will not put people of Pakistan into slavery.

He expressed hope that he will stand victorious in achieving his objectives of ‘Azaadi March’ and will end monarchy from the country establishing true democracy.

“I’m not afraid of Punjab Police but of Gullu Butt, however it should be remembered that bad time of Gullu Butt is about to start”, said Imran Khan.



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