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IMF denies allegations about dictating Pakistan’s economic reforms

WASHINGTON: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has denied imposing any terms and condition to government of Pakistan, ARY News reported on Monday.

IMF’s country chief for Pakistan Jaffrey Franks expressing his views in a blog rejected the suggestion that it is dictating Pakistan’s economic reforms programme and stated that Pakistan itself proposed the plan of privatization.

In a report released on Thursday along with the $553 million second tranche of a $6.7 billion loan package, the IMF notes that “there seem to be many different and contradictory views about the government’s reform agenda” supported by the Fund.

Jaffrey Franks responded to the allegation by saying that the PML-N government mostly produced the policies supported in the programme, which respond to key challenges facing the country today.

It refers to the economic section of the PML-N party manifesto, which shows that most of the policies agreed with the IMF were actually those proposed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his team before the elections.

Jaffrey Franks stated that the programme can’t do everything, it tackles Pakistan’s biggest economic issues as quickly as possible.




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