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No improvement in health of Musharraf's mother

SHARJAH: No improvement reported in the health condition of Begum Zarin Musharraf, mother of former president Pervez Musharraf.

Musharraf's elderly mother has been in serious condition at the intensive care unit of W. Wilson Hospital in Sharjah, ARY News reported on Monday. 

A board of doctors monitoring test reports of Begum Zarin Musharraf who was transferred to W. Wilson Hospital in Sharjah after complaining breathing problem. 

Former Pakistani president Musharraf's mother was transferred to the intensive care ward of the hospital due to her deteriorating health. 

A hospital doctor Qais Abdullah Zuberi has said that she could not be transferred to Pakistan or London due to her health condition. 

The hospital doctors are conducting more tests of Begum Zarin Musharraf.



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