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Imran adamant to shut down Faisalabad on Dec 8

Addressing his workers and supporters at the PTI sit-in camp here on Saturday, Imran Khan inquired, “Why do the PMLN leaders need to hide behind court stays, instead of asking the authorities to open the vote bags for verification”.

He said that the ruling party knows if the vote bags were opened, everyone will come to know about reality of the last elections.

“I had said on the floor of the national assembly that if someone had reservations on elections in any constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), he may ask us and we will open it for verification”, said the PTI chairman.

“What for the matter is being delayed for past one and a half years”, he questioned the rulers.

Khan said when he used to play cricket, he campaigned for bringing neutral umpires and succeeded in doing so.

“Today I am leading the same campaign in democracy and will certainly bring neutral umpires for elections”, said the skipper.

He said that ‘Mian Sahib’ knows the truth of elections that is why he is not opening the constituencies, adding, “I was admitted at a hospital, but my tigers saw elections being manipulated”.

He said that these rulers can no longer fool the people of Pakistan.

Speaking about advertisements against him, Imran Khan told the participants that he is going to consult the courts on Monday, as the Sharifs spent Rs 15 billion of the taxes paid by the people, to publish advertisements to defame him.

He urged the people of Faisalabad to stand up saying that we our fighting for Pakistan’s sake and if we did not stand today then tomorrow the children of these rulers will enslave us.



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