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Imran admits a split within PTI

Addressing his workers and supporters here on Wednesday, Imran Khan said that today the poor people of the country are at one side, while on the other is a small segment of society which supports the ‘status quo’ and now this divide has become evident.

He said, “I have spent 21 years in learning how to compete in the ground and it is more fun to face strong teams”.

Khan inquired what kind of undemocratic act we have committed, adding, “Our movement is for achieving the democratic rights of the people”.

He said a divide is there in the country, while another is taking place in PTI.

“We are learning who came to serve the nation and who came to take advantage of the tsunami”, said the PTI chief.

He said we are not fighting against Nawaz Sharif; our struggle is against the mindset which is usurping the rights of the people.

Imran Khan also mentioned Aristotle’s saying that no man will tolerate violence and abuse, except the one who is coward and selfish.

The PTI chairman further said in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) if a minister orders a policeman to commit a wrong act, the cop refuses him and if someone doubts this, he may confirm it from the IG K-P, Nasir Durrani.



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