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Imran advises Bilawal to come ‘under his guidance’

Addressing a public meeting in Umerkot, Khan raised questions over “eligibility” of Bilawal to contest in politics.

“Reading out written script doesn’t make a leader, Imran taunted to Bilawal.

He went on to say that “let’s come to me, I will teach you how to become a leader.”

Khan said people in Sindh should become ‘falcons’ instead of ‘insects’.

Later, PTI chief made it to Matli and addressed a rally. He said he was pleased to see women attending the public meeting. He urged people of Sindh to stand up against feudal lords.

He said feudals of Sindh had transferred money to Dubai and other foreign countries through illegal means.

The PTI chief has arrived in Sindh and visiting different cities as part of election campaign ahead of local bodies polls on November 19.

Unsuccessful Sindh tour puzzled Imran, reacts PPP

Meanwhile, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) reacted to Imran’s advice in a statement issued from Bilawal House.

Jameel Soomro, a spokesperson for Bilawal House, stated that Khan Sahib’s unsuccessful tour of Sindh has puzzled him.

“Taking along a Peer (spiritual leader) and asking the followers to vote for his party is no change,” he slammed. “For politics and intellect does not depend upon one’s age, while a person is regarded due to his deeds.”

Age only matters in case of retirement, while the PTI chief has also surpassed that, he added.




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