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Imran again presses Nawaz to resign and order re-elections

Addressing participants of the long march outside Parliament House,  Khan said whatever he was speaking had been proved by Afzal Khan.

“Asif Zardari had told me via telephone after the elections that the polls were engineered by returning officers (ROs).”

The PTI chief said former chief justice Iftikhar Chuadhary kept on taking suo motu notices on different issues “but on my requests on poll rigging the ex-CJ did not pay heed.”

There are many individuals left of the likes of Afzal Khan to divulge [corrupt practices] in the elections. ‘If we leave from here, then Nawaz Sharif will do more to rig the next elections,” he told the gathering. Khan claimed that ROs had ordered shutting down UNDP monitoring cells during the elections to pave way for rigging.

He asked PM to resign immediately if he had to sustain democracy. They (government) are trying to spread anarchy via holding rallies. PTI had promised to remain peaceful and under constitutional limits.

He said truth had come to the light. Had there been any honest prime minister he would have resigned by now. He added that Nawaz and his family had billions of investment in Pakistan hence he would not leave.



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