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Imran again warns government of street agitation

Khan’s demands included reduction in petrol rates, withdrawal of new taxes, revamping PIA and steel mills structure and release of government employees salaries.

Addressing a gathering in Naseerabad, he said Nawaz Sharif should have provided employment to masses instead of metro buses.

Imran Khan again warns govt of street agitation by arynews

He asked Sharif to tell nation his motives behind privatizing the PIA. “I vow to stand by the people of Pakistan,” he added.

Khan insisted on PM Sharif to listen to grievances of PIA workers.

Pakistan Steel Mill employees have not been paid for five months, and Mian sahib’s steel mill in Saudi Arabia is gaining profit, he claimed. He said government was also planning to privatize Pakistan Steel Mills. The rulers are oplundering national wealth in the name of privatization, said Khan.

He reiterated that unprecedented rigging took place in 2013 general elections.

Meanwhile, spokesman of Punjab government Zaeem Qadri says PTI Chief Imran Khan’s criticism of public welfare projects is uncalled for.

In a statement in Lahore on Sunday, he said Imran Khan strives to fail every development plan of the government. He said change can be brought about through performance and not by rhetoric.

The spokesman said people have rejected Imran Khan’s negative politics.



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