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Imran agrees upon Kaira for talks with govt; slams Achakzai, Khrusheed

In his second address to the participants of Azadi March on Thursday evening, Imran Khan said we are to become a respectable nation and do not want anyone to dictate us.

Reacting strongly to the statement of US State Department, he said it became clear today that who was standing by Nawaz Sharif, adding that, “We do not want confrontation with anyone, but let us choose our leaders”.

Addressing to the US Ambassador, Richard Olson, the PTI chief urged him to convey his message to the US Department of State.

Meanwhile, he also made his followers chant loud slogans describing “traitors are those, who are acting as slaves of US”.

The PTI chief claimed that the time of these killers and criminals is gone and asked the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to decide, whether he is to step down in a dignified manner, or with humiliation. He also claimed to bring back the 200 billion rupees that were laundered to foreign countries.

Imran further claimed to end unemployment here, so that the Pakistanis will not have to go abroad.

He said that the western states jail the criminals, while we put them into the assemblies.

The skipper referring to the PM and the parliamentarians supporting him, asked them all to unite together and claimed to bowled them out on a single ball.

He vowed not to move elsewhere without ridding the country from Nawaz Sharif.

The PTI chief also criticized the Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah and said he is acting as the personal secretary of Nawaz Sharif.

Khan said Khursheed Shah has cases against him within NAB, adding, “We do not admit such a Leader of the Opposition; however he expressed his consent on Qamar Zaman Kaira for holding talks with the government, because he is a clear man”.

Moreover, Khan slammed Mehmood Khan Achakzai, saying “I always considered him to be a man of honor, but Achakzai sold out his conscience to retain governorship of his brother in Balochistan”.



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