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Imran aims to weaken democracy: Rasheed

Speaking to media here, the minister said Khan’s allegation of vote rigging in NA-122, where Ayaz Sadiq had emerged victorious, has proven utterly wrong. “Imran Khan is defaming democratic institutions.”

“People have rejected the claims of rigging in general elections”, says Rasheed. He said PTI must admit that people have given fair mandate to PML-N.

He underlined Imran Khan’s demands to ensure transparency in the by-election was met, but even then the PML-N secured the same number of votes as it did in 2013 general elections.”

PML’s AYaz Sadiq retained his constituency by polling 74,525 votes. Aleem Khan did pose a tough challenge, but came short by more than two thousand votes, as his final vote count amounted to 72,082.



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