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Imran announces civil disobedience movement

The PTI chief gave two-day ultimatum to PM Sharif to step down. “Stop paying all kind of taxes and utility bills until the prime minister resigns from his post,” Khan told his charged supporters during the rally.

Prior to starting his speech, Khan asked rally participants to carefully listen his words as ‘he was going to deliver the most important speech of his 18-year political career’. He guaranteed the emergence of ‘New Pakistan’ if his instructions were followed properly.

Asking participants of sit-in to remain quite, PTI Chief clarified his demand seeking resignation from PM Nawaz by saying “Pakistan will never achieve progress under PM Sharif’s rule because he would take loans to run the country and make more money for himself thus plunging the country into further anarchy.

Khan alleged that PM Nawaz had broken every law of the country and whoever tried to hold him accountable, he bought him. He said victims of Model Town will not get justice, because no one will arrest the Sharif brothers.

“Nawaz Sharif bought Returning officers (RO), the election commission and Najam Sethi during election last year to stand victorious in the polls”, he said.

Announcing for civil disobedience movement, Khan advised public to stop paying General Sales Tax (GST) and utility bills. He suggested businessmen not to pay taxes because it will not be utilized for the benefit of common man.

It may be noted here that Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr. Tahirul Qadri has already given two-day ultimatum to the PML-N government to step down, which ends tomorrow evening.



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