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Imran announces formation of ‘Rabitta Committee’ for Karachi traders

KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan on Monday directed his party to form ‘Rabitta Committee’ (coordination committee) to address issues being faced by the traders community in Karachi.

Expressing concern over lingering problems in the provincial capital of Sindh, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said that the devolution of power was imperative in order to make Karachi progressive and prosperous.

Addressing to a ceremony of Traders community, the PTI chairman said that the provincial government of Sindh had restrained the powers resulting in deterioration of infrastructure of the city as local bodies lack funds and power.

Raising his voice in support of city mayor Waseem Akhtar, Khan said that the myriads of issues in the city would not be resolved until the local bodies were strengthened by accepting the city mayor’s [justified] demands.

Comparing the situation with Khyber Pakthunkhwa (KP), he said that one would ever witnessed Peshawar’s city mayor being lamented for failing to address civic issues.

“We recruit police personnel on merit by conducting NTS tests and empowering Inspector General”, he said, adding that Inspector General (IG) of Sindh police was not taken into confidence in recruiting policies.

“KP police have become a role model for entire country where the IG has maximum authority and recruitment is made without considering political affiliations”, he added.

Taking on to problems of traders’ community, he said that they could not contribute in economy if they feel being unsafe while laying emphasis on provision of security to traders.

Lambasting the government policies, he was of opinion that as much as taxes raised with the same proportion, a rise in tax evasion also takes place. He stated that Pakistan was considered to be one of most generous nations giving the most to charity but when it comes to tax paying the situation is reciprocal due to government policies.

“Public knows if they pay taxes that will either go to Dubai or Panama,” Khan said while expressing public sentiment who feel reluctant to pay taxes.

He further said if he succeeds in making a majority in the National Assembly, he would reduce the tariffs. Furthermore, he said Panamagate case would change the fate of country.



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