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Imran announces protest rally in Islamabad on April 28

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chiarman Imran Khan has announced to hold a fresh protest demonstration on April 28 in Islamabad to seek resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the wake of Panama Papers verdict.

Addressing media after attending a brief session of the National Assembly that was later adjourned due to opposition protest, Khan reiterated that Nawaz Sharif had lost the moral ground to rule, contrary to worldwide democratic norm where the prime minister stay in office on the strnength of moral authority.

He insisted that the prime minister should have resigned straightaway after the remarks by judges on him.

He cited the case of UK prime Minsiter David Cameron who resigned after Brexit referendum despite winning the elections earlier with high majority.

According to the SC judgment, the premier would not be disqualified and a JIT (Joint Investigation Team) would be formed to probe money trail of Sharif family. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif along with Hassan and Hussain nawaz would appear before the JIT.

The two judges who ruled against PM Nawaz Sharif said he should be disqualified as he could no longer be considered ‘honest’ and ‘truthful’ (ameen and sadiq), whereas the other three were in favour of forming a JIT to definitively answer the question of whether the allegations against the prime minister were true.





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