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Imran announces to halt speeches in respect of Muharram

Addressing his workers and supporters at the PTI sit-in camp here on Friday, Imran Khan said, “We all should learn a lesson from the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (RA), who stood up against the oppressor and in favor of what was right”.

He said that the Nilofer cyclone turned away, but the biggest storm in the history of Pakistan is to come on November 30.

The PTI chairman vowed to demand the government to cut short the power tariff and to quit its privatization scheme on November 30. He said privatizing the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) is similar to bestowing someone with a precious asset of the country.

Khan said that the government reduced the prices of petroleum products due to the sit-ins; however these were supposed to be slashed by Rs 15.

He also lamented that despite of a cut in petroleum prices, rates of commodities were not reduced and linked it with bad-governance in the country.

The PTI chief urged all the Pakistanis to mount pressure on the government, in order to change the unjust system of the country.

Criticizing the JUIF, he said that the way JUIF leaders used derogatory words for women, its example can never be witnessed anywhere.

He asked all the women not to vote for Maulana Fazlur Rahman ever again, for he only fears this.

Imran Khan slammed the JUIF chief saying that he portrays himself to be the flag-bearer of Islam, yet makes deals for diesel permits or a few ministries.

He also suggested PM Nawaz Sharif to step down as he is unable to govern the country.

Speaking about electoral rigging and reforms in the system, the PTI chairman said as long as the ones who rigged the elections are not punished, no reforms can help improving the system and irregularities will continue to take place in the country.



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