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Imran announces to hold ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ rally against Altaf Hussain

PTI leader Faisal Javed had suggested in a meeting today to hold rally in Karachi on September 06.

“I invite all Pakistanis to join PTI’s Pakistan Zindabad rally in Nishtar Park Karachi on Defence Day Sept 06 in a show of national solidarity,” Imran posted on his Twitter account.

Sources said the PTI chief has announced war against MQM and to make revelations against the MQM chief.

Imran said the person sitting in London was involved in terrorism for the past 23 years,

He said the people of Karachi have united against Altaf Hussain.

He has asked his followers to bring Pakistani flags in the park where he would himself receive them with national flag in his hands.


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On the other hand, the federal government is going to exchange evidences against MQM chief inciting violence in Pakistan with the UK police in the next few days, an official had confirmed on Friday.

Altaf Hussain had few days back made an anti-Pakistan speech on telephone from London and he had also instigated violence against Pakistani media.



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