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Imran, Zardari ask PM Sharif to resign after SC verdict

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan and co-chairman Pakistan People’s Party Asif Zardari have demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to tender resignation in the wake of Supreme Court verdict, ordering formation of joint investigation team to probe offshore wealth of the premier’s family.

In their seprate press conferences after the SC judgement, they came up with a mutual clamour, asking Mr. Sharif to step down on moral grounds.

How can JIT members investigate fairly when they technically work under the PM, he asked.

Khan said he had accepted the verdict and the judgement had itself made history.

He compared the case of PM Sharif with Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch who was also facing the joint investigation team. He said the remarks by two judges against PM Sharif was something he was not expecting.

The judges have rejected the claims made by Sharif family in the court about their source of income, he said.

Khan said NAB had already surrendered before the PM, and it couldn’t hold PM accountable.

Meanwhile, Zardari said he believed that the prime minister would not resign despite the court verdict in Panama Papers case.




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