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Imran calls people to follow him into Red Zone

Addressing to the participants, Imran Khan asked marchers to make three commitments before heading towards Red Zone,

  • I will lead you and you have to follow me and if something bad happens to me you people will avenge it from Nawaz Sharif.
  • Peace should be observed avoiding any kind of violence.
  • We will remain outside the Parliament House and will not enter into its premises.

PTI Chief expressed pleasure that the whole nation stands unified today to make the dream of ‘New Pakistan’ come true.

Imran Khan warned the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he will not be spared if he tried to cause any harm to the participants of the Azadi March.

“I will chase you even if you ran away to England and will take you [ Nawaz Sharif] to task, if you tried to cause any violence”, he added.

Addressing police, Imran Khan said, “I know that you too support PTI so just listen to your heart, don’t create obstacles and let the people carry on a peaceful march”.

“This is the time to remain honest instead of following commands of a corrupt leader”, he advised police.

The PTI chief made it clear that his supporters will not even look towards the diplomatic enclave as their destination is parliament house.

“I am concerned about the diplomatic offices more than Nawaz Sharif”, said Imran Khan.

He related the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and said there is no difference between the two as both came into power through corruption, Mubarak did not allow court to work and Nawaz doing the same while Mubarak used police for his own benefits and so do Nawaz.



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