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Imran can’t diminish PM’s popularity, says Rasheed

In a statement issued Saturday, the minister said that premier goes to the people with a list of uplift projects, while the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) approaches them with allegations.

“The allegations leveled by Imran Khan were turned down by the court of people in every city he visited,” he said. “The PTI chairman repeatedly spoke lies and was badly exposed.”

Criticizing further, Rasheed said the PTI chief had better not to even talk of moral authority.

Yesterday, Imran Khan had said the entire nation seeks answer to their queries from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over Panama Papers leaks that revealed huge offshore wealth of his family.

The PTI chairman said the premier lied before the Parliament about his London flats and claimed to have documents that show that these apartments were purchased 10 years ago.

“The man who can speak lie before the Parliament, what moral authority he has to hold the office of the prime minister,” he questioned.



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