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Imran claims to pound a bomb shell on Friday

Imran Khan while addressing the participants of the PTI sit-in camp on Wednesday, said that the ‘game’ will be continued and vowed to give his workers a future line of action on November 30.

He warned the rulers not to misunderstand his party the same which arrived in Islamabad on August 14, adding that it is all a new party which will be taking to the federal capital on November 30.

Elaborating the rigging of elections in PP-147, the PTI chairman told that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has no record of 60 out of 115 polling stations of the Punjab Assembly constituency, adding that nearly 31,000 votes were polled in 55 polling stations, out of which only 8000 votes were accepted.

He reminded the participants that the PTI candidate, Shoaib Siddiqui had lost election in the constituency with 4000 votes only.

“This is why the Speaker Ayaz Sadiq keeps hiding behind court stays, but no matter I will wait for justice to be done”, Khan said. “I will take to streets and will inform the masses about the looting of their mandate”.

He said: “I am not doing so for my own sake, it is for the people. I had won three National Assembly seats and losing the one that of NA-122 did not matter for me, but I came out against rigging for this mafia wins elections through unfair means to make more and more money”.

He bashed Nawaz Sharif for doing businesses despite being the prime minister of the country.

Imran Khan said that PM Nawaz Sharif and Punjab CM, Shahbaz Sharif receive salaries from sugar mills, despite one heading the state while the other is all-in-all of the largest province of the country.

He said that the prime minister evade taxes here, yet he owns four lavish residences in London, while his son lives in a flat worth of Rs 800 crore in Mayfair, an area of central London.

The skipper vowed to pound a bomb shell this Friday by holding a press conference is Islamabad.

He vowed to tell the nation how elections were rigged, as he has received some shocking evidences of it.



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