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Imran claims Sadiq’s NA role is 'near end'

Addressing a press conference here, Khan said rigged elections in Pakistan were of no use.

He said he was sure that “National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq will not be spared and his role as NA speaker is near ending.”

The PTI chief said ‘Mian sahib’s habit of nominating his umpires is still in place’

Imran claims Sadiq’s NA role is ‘near end’ by arynews

Khan claimed that his party had got forensic tests of votes and signature of presiding officers was found bogus.

He was of the view returning officers were involved with PML-N in election rigging.

He said had his party not preferred Dharna, the reality of PML-N’s rigging could not have been exposed.

The PTI chief went on to say that rigging has already been planned in Gilgit Baltistan council elections. We want fair and transparent elections in GB as well, said Khan.



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