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Imran claims to collect Rs 4000 bn tax if rose to power

Addressing the participants of Azadi sit-in, Imran Khan said his party after coming into power will reduce the tax ratio and will collect as much as Rs 4000 billion from the country.

He said that every single employee at the Raiwind palace is being paid by the government, instead of the Sharif family.

The PTI chairman vowed to the people of Pakistan that he would not let their wealth to be looted by anyone, nor will he spend it on himself.

He slammed the PPP co-chairman saying that Asif Ali Zardari is the second richest man in Pakistan, while he has also not declared his assets.

Khan also claimed that Zardari during the outgoing PPP reign had gone to China on a personal visit, but the Government of Sindh had chartered a plane for him which at the cost of Rs 2.5 crore and then the PPP co-chairman inquire us where do we get funds from.

He told that the people of Pakistan have so far deposited Rs 5 crore to the Azadi fund, while the overseas Pakistanis are also adding to it.

The skipper said the sit-in staged up till now was a mere trailer, the actual display of strength will now be demonstrated. He said it was a warm-up session going on and a tsunami of millions of masses will hit Islamabad on November 30.

Moreover, Imran Khan said that his proposed ‘naya Pakistan’ will not be run on foreign loans by putting its sovereignty on stake.



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