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Imran claims to collect Rs 7000 bn taxes once in power

Addressing the participants at PTI sit-in camp at D-Chowk Islamabad, Imran Khan said, “We are out of our homes today for the rights of the people and those who continue to bear atrocities get enslaved by the powerful”. He said both PPP and PMLN had signed the ‘Charter of Democracy’ to keep ruling the people of Pakistan.

“Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appointed a NAB chief of their choice, in order to escape from the consequences of the corruption cases against them”, said the PTI chairman.

He said the prime minister owns newspapers and media outlets for disseminating false information in favor of him. “The owner of Jang/Geo group, Mir Shakil asked PM to raise the amount, I will support you”, told the PTI chief.

Khan expressed immense happiness over a huge crowd gathered at the PTI sit-in camp, adding that the number of masses is increasing day by day.

He lamented that every Pakistani has a loan of Rs 85000 to pay and this is the outcome of only one and a half years of the Nawaz-government.

Imran Khan said that when people chant ‘Go Nawaz Go’, it means that they are sick of this system and want to get rid of it. He vowed to increase the pay scale of the judges and the police; so that nobody could dare bribing them and social justice could prevail in the society.

He said that PTI after coming into power will collect taxes from the rich people, eradicate corruption and there will be no need of taking loans from IMF.

The PTI chairman claimed to collect taxes worth of 7000 billion rupees across the country.

Criticizing the PPP co-chairperson, Asif Ali Zardari for declaring him amateur in politics, Khan said, “I had better to die, then to have Zardari as my teacher in politics”.

Elaborating the corruption of the present regime, he said that the Nandipur power project was initiated with an expected overall cost of Rs 10 billion, but it has now reached up to 80 billion and still not accomplished.

Imran Khan claimed that the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar stated on oath that he had laundered money for Nawaz Sharif.

Moreover, the PTI chairman vowed to bring back the 200 billion dollars back to Pakistan with the support of the people of Pakistan and to implement a uniform education system all over the country.



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