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Imran crosses all barriers to address Islamabad rally

According to details, Islamabad administration put all its efforts in to prevent Imran Khan from reaching Taramri Chowk in Islamabad.

The skipper switched various vehicles and reached the venue with police kept watching helplessly. In the course of action, vehicles in Imran Khan’s caravan moved shifted off the road, hence managing to escape police pickets.

Upon his arrival at the rally, the PTI chief took on the government in his peculiar style.

Criticizing the prime minister, he alleged that Nawaz Sharif had adopted ‘bad habits’ before entering into politics, questioning, “The one who never played fair cricket, how will he ensure the conduct of free and fair elections?”

“Had the judicial commission taken action, then the local body (LB) elections would not be rigged,” said Imran Khan.

Slamming the system, he said, “Here petty thieves go to the jails and infamous robbers to assemblies”.

The PTI chairman thanked the masses, especially women, for participating in the rally despite hurdles.

In reaction of PTI rally, Information Minister Pervez Rasheed said Imran Khan was not allowed to hold a rally in Islamabad due to security reasons, but the PTI chief held it violating the code of conduct.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) also declared PTI’s rally in Islamabad a violation of its code of conduct.

Members of the Parliament cannot visit any union council as part of election campaign, the ECP said, and that an action will be taken against it as per the law.



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