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Imran demands Rangers operation in Punjab

Imran Khan, in a statement on Sunday, claimed that Punjab Government was incapable of taking action against terrorists and criminals.

The PTI chairman Khan, condemning the killing of PTI worker named Mirza Tanveer Ahmed, stated that he was the complainant in this double murder case and had been facing threats.

Khan said that Tanveer was murdered after refusing to bow down to the threats being issued to him.

He said that two PTI workers named Khurram and Arif were killed in Hamza Shahbaz’s constituency  throughout.

“Clearly, where the Sharifs’ fear political defeat they simply use their gulloo force – which is what the Punjab police has been reduced to – to intimidate and even kill their opponents,” Khan said.

He added that the authorities were aware of the threats being meted out to Ahmed but they did not provide security or take action against those issuing the threats.

Khan demanded that the para-military force be called into Lahore take action against target killers and the militant outfits against whom Punjab Government is unable or is unwilling to act.



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