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Imran dubs PM “corruption king, tax evader” in fresh attack

“Are you in power to do personal business and empty public exchequer,’ lashes out Khan while addressing a mammoth public gather in Bannu.

Khan said Nawaz formed 28 factories since 1985—when he was made Chief Minister of Punjab. How did he get money to set up those factories, he asked.

It’s been three years to government in power, has schooling and policing system been improved?

The PTI chairman urged Pakistanis to pressurize National Accountability Bureau to take action against the PM.

‘Two ways to save Pakistan from the corrupt’

He suggested two ways to improve Pakistan. First, we have to get tax from the elite class. Currently all taxes are being paid by the poor class, he mentioned.

“If you buy a Rs 100 mobile card, you pay 47% tax”, said Khan followed by a list indirect taxes he detailed to masses.

He said Nawaz Sharif could not collect taxes from the rich, cos he himself is a top tax evader. Second, he said huge amount of Pakistanis was kept abroad. “I will bring that money back to Pakistan,” he claimed.

Khan called upon the masses to question “corruption king Nawaz Sharif”.

Khan’s suggest new name for JUI-F

Turning his guns on Maulana Fazul Rehman, he said the JUI-F chief had chipped in to rescue PM Nawaz Sharif.

Regarding his party chief, he suggested Rehman to re-christen his party name as ‘Corruption Bachao Party.’

He said: “Maulana Sahib, please don’t defame name of Islam by using it in your party. Maulana Fazl must change his party name to ‘Corruption Bachao Party’”.

He also chanted ‘Go Nawaz Go’ at the end of his speech and reiterated 2016 will be an year of ‘change’.



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