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Imran elaborates misdeeds of rulers in his letter to Pakistanis

Imran Khan in his letter, said that today majority of the people of Pakistan are longing for bread to have twice a day, while the rulers are having billions of dollars in their bank accounts.

“People question that where from have these rulers made such enormous stacks of money, by what way they achieved foreign assets”, he stated.

The defiant PTI leader said that the ones with their assets abroad, have no right to rule the assets of the people of Pakistan. He added that a commoner pays approximately 26 rupees tax for charging Rs 100 in his mobile phone, but the rulers of the state are given a free hand to evade the taxes.

He lamented that majority of country’s population is deprived of safe drinking water and the people are increasingly falling prey to Hepatitis-C due to this reason, but the ones taking hold of the country are not interested in resolving these issues.

History of Pakistani politics has witnessed that opposition leaders start writing open letters to the masses, prior to the beginning of a major political campaign, while Imran Khan has also hinted at initiating a mass movement to topple the present Nawaz-regime, from November 30.



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