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Imran expresses concerns over North Waziristan bombardment

ISLAMABAD: Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan has expressed his concerns over the bombardment of gunship helicopters and fighter jets in North Waziristan – ARY News reports.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Imran Khan expressed his concerns, saying that this act can initiate a full-fledged ground battle, which in turn will lead to further migration of people from disturbed areas.

He told that still there are some 20 lac internally displaced persons (IDPs), residing in different parts of the country, whom the Government has entirely neglected.

The PTI Chairman demanded the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif to brief the Parliament about the current situation of negotiations with Taliban.

Earlier on Wednesday, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets and gunship helicopters had pounded several militant hideouts in which at least 70 militants were reported to be killed, while several others were injured, in 'Maachis Camp', Miranshah. Various houses were also reported to be damaged during the shelling of jets.

The bombardment continued on Thursday too, in the wee hours, while a curfew has also been enforced in the vicinity since yesterday.



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