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Imran Farooq murder case: UK seeks custody of suspects

“Kashif assassinated Imran Farooq before me, we were also injured upon resistance by Farooq,” Mohsin Ali stated before the Scotland Yard team. “Moazzam was awaiting us at the Karachi airport upon our return to country.”

He confirmed before British investigators that Moazzam facilitated him and Kashif in this entire matter, however they were arrested as soon as they reached the airport.

The Scotland Yard has announced to complete their investigation with the suspects and the British authorities in light of the investigations have demanded Pakistan to formally handover the suspects so that they could be tried in court.

The Scotland Yard team which investigated the suspects included David Jonathan, Stewart Michael and Daniel Hooton.

It is mandatory to note here that the team in its last visit had questioned the suspects Moazzam Ali and Khalid Shamim.

Dr Imran Farooq remained MQM convener and was assassinated in London on September 16, 2010.



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