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No force can stop creation of Naya Pakistan: Imran

Addressing a ceremony in Lahore, Imran Khan said that bargaining of Senate votes was continued in the country for past 30 years. He said no one could stop creation of Naya Pakistan.

He said that nearly 80 percent of his party’s MPAs had not ever seen Rs 1 crore all together, yet they refused to make a deal on their conscience despite offers up to Rs 4 crore.

“Everyone witnessed what happened in the Senate elections, bids were called openly and votes were traded”, said the PTI chairman. “This is the first time ever that MPAs of a ruling party [Tehreek-i-Insaf] did not bargain their votes and stood by their conscience”.

He slammed the rulers for their corruption and said that those who had nothing some 20 years ago, now have billions of rupees assets inside the country and abroad.

“PM Sharif was nothing, yet his son has more than Rs 100 billion assets today, while same is the case with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and others”, he castigated.

Imran Khan said that if there is democracy in the state, then the rulers must declare their assets.

He reiterated his demand of the audit of General Elections 2013 through a judicial commission.



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