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Imran inaugurates Tsunami Tree Campaign in KP

The PTI chairman inaugurated the Billion Trees Tsunami Campaign by himself planting a sapling here in Haripur.

He slammed that the timber mafia illegally cut Rs 200 billion worth of wood in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“The mafia is destroying forests comprising only four percent land area of the country and it is up for transforming the state into a desert”, castigated Khan.

He told that a Nigehban Task Force comprising of locals will be formed in order to save forests in the province.

“Provincial government will provide the local people with nurseries, by means of which one billion trees will be planted across the province”, said the PTI chairman.

He also hoped that the fading forests in the province will again turn lush green provided if the locals cooperated with provincial authorities against the timber mafia.

On the occasion, local people appreciated Imran Khan’s effort to save and develop forests and referred to it as a move towards the betterment of the province.



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