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Imran is Donald Trump of Pakistan, vice versa, says Sanaullah

“Imran Khan and Trump are only two politicians in the world who have had staged theater in the name of politics and both of them keep counting numbers of days of ruling government’s ouster,” he said while addressing an event in Faisalabad.

The law minister said on the basis of Imran Khan’s habit of politics of incrimination and sit-in it could be said that Imran was Trump of Pakistan and Trump was Imran of United States.

He said if the PTI chief did not change his way of politics then people will reject him. The sit-in mongers should realise that elections of 2018 will be the year of death of PTI’s political journey. Imran’s politics of incrimination will come to an end.

To a query, he said the provincial government will accept ruling of court on the issue of Model Town Lahore incident.

On kidnapping of children in Punjab, Sanaullah said media was given all information about abduction and recovery of children.

“Most of the children missing from home are either victim of home issues or fed-up of their family’s strictness,” he said.



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