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Imran Khan announces to lead Raiwind March on 30th

“All Pakistan is invited to reach Raiwind on Sept 30. Preparations for the march and departure of convoys from different cities should start on 24th. PTI workers will welcome convoys on their way to Raiwind,” he said while addressing a PTI Workers Convention in Islamabad to announce course of actions for the march.

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He warned all the Gullus preparing to stop PTI’s march should become upright men otherwise they were going to be beaten badly.

Imran said keep moving forward to Raiwind. If they tried to arrest any of our workers, we would protest at police stations. If the police in Raiwind tried to use violence, mind it, this is not the party anymore that will bear your violence. We will fight you.

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“Insha Allah this would be the biggest gathering of Pakistan’s history. Meet people from all walks of life to motivate them to attend Raiwind March,” he directed his party workers.

The PTI chief directed his workers if somebody stopped them on their way they should tell them that Article 16, 17, 19 of the constitution gives them permission for peaceful protest.

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“Pakistanis have this choice before them what status quo teaches us is to wait for 2018 eelctions by forgetting Panama Papers revelations and let them loot country, ruin all institutions, hire all their loyal in public institutions through nepotism. Only poor go to jails and the biggest robber of country becomes the prime minister,” he said.

He said when the rulers were asked for accountability they started blackmailing us. If we take Panama Papers in court they call petition frivolous.

“In the west, when leaders lie they are made to resign. Why? because they know their institutions are so strong,” he said.

He said the rulers blackmailed PTI leaders in order to silence them? They say you are thieves too? They bring a cancer hospital underline of attack.

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