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Imran Khan demands 15pc cut in power tarrif

Speaking to PTI supporters from his container in Islamabad, Imran Khan said whoever is satisfied with government’s performance and considers that fundamental rights of citizens are protected and justice is being provided by the rulers can carry on with their business activities on December 8 in Faisalabad.

He said PTI is a democratic party and don’t want to spread violence and chaos in the country.

“Conducting peaceful protest is our right and PTI will keep on doing so untill the justice is served”, said Imran.

PTI Chief suggested government not to restrict people from attending PTI’s gathering in Faisalabad by unfair means adding that misuse of power could worsen the situation.

Discussing government’s performance, Imran Khan said inflation is keep on rising and government has failed in controlling it. He said electricity tariff has not been reduced despite continuous fall of oil prices in the international market.

“The government has not give any relief to the people in power tariff despite of major decrease in oil prices while the reduction in the petroleum prices has been made just because of PTI’s long sit-in”, he added.

He vowed to carry on sit-in in Islamabad by saying “Container is another office of mine and if anyone thinks that I will leave it after getting tired, is actually living in a fool’s paradise.”

He alleged PM Nawaz for committing number of crimes including corruption, rigging and money laundering.

“PM Nawaz would never allow the transparent investigation of rigging as it will hurt the businesses that he [Nawaz Sharif) has established during his regime, if found guilty of rigging”, he said.

He vowed to prove that Nawaz Sharif and Election Commission were ally in election rigging.




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